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Company Email Enumeration + Breached Email Finder

October 24, 2016 — metalkey
Enumerating email addresses for a target domain and checking if these emails appear in known breaches can be extremely useful when performing recon.
This script will use to enumerate domain emails and feed them into to check if they appear in known breaches.

Note: Substitute YOURAPIKEY with your API key. This can be obtained by creating a account.

root@kali:~# cat
rm found-emails.txt
rm hacked-emails.txt
echo -e "\e[92mEnter Target Domain:"
echo -e "\e[39m"
read hname
echo -e "[+] Email Recon Started"
echo -e "\e[39m"

# Email Checks
echo "- Enumerating Domain Emails"
curl -k -s "$hname&api_key=YOURAPIKEY" | grep -Po '"value" :.*?[^\\]",' | cut -d'"' -f4 > found-emails.txt
echo "Found the following emails:"
cat found-emails.txt
echo ""
echo "[+] Checking if Emails have been breached"
for email in $(cat found-emails.txt);do
curl -k -s "$email" | grep '"status":"found"' | cut -d'"' -f8 >> hacked-emails.txt &
echo "The following email addresses appear in known breaches:"
cat hacked-emails.txt

echo -e "\e[39m"
echo -e "[*] Please wait..."
echo -e "[END] Email Recon Complete!"
echo -e ""

Tags: recon