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Mousejack on the WiFi Pineapple

June 15, 2018

The Mousejack attack is extremely useful for dropping payloads on machines where vulnerable RF wireless devices are used and after a bit of trial and error, it was possible to get the Jackit exploit tool running on a WiFi Pineapple.
Commands to get things up and running below.

Note: It is also possible to run Jackit on the Nano but it requires moving Python to an external SD card first.

root@pineapple:~$ opkg update
root@pineapple:~$ opkg install python-pip libusb-1.0 libusb-compat
root@pineapple:~$ pip install pyusb click six tabulate
Download jackit from
Modify jackit as per master...Sliim:openwrt-libusb (e.g. wget
root@pineapple:~$ ./ build
root@pineapple:~$ ./ install

Jackit Github Page:

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